It’s been a while since my last post, and as a few folk have pointed out they appear very quickly after a win and slowly for a second! So no wins since Waihi but a couple of seconds instead, and a great summer of good food and plenty of wine.

Santa family 2012

So instead of looking back, I’ll aim forward with the major target of the year being the Northburn 100 mile race happening in 2 weeks. Shit, 2 weeks!!!!! I’m seriously under trained for this one with only one proper long run in the last 3 months. That one was my hitout at the Hillary trail at the end of January where I spent 10-11 hours making my way from Arataki to Murawai. I would give you a more accurate time but my Magellan Switch Up GPS watch( Kauri 70k consolation prize)only lasted for 5 hours 30 mins on a full battery. It’s supposed to last 8 so I was a bit pissed off.


Other than that I’ve had a few good hitouts in the Kaimais, and a solid day looping round TECT park a few times, but generally few and far between.

Instead I’ve been working as a builder’s lackey for Chris Morrissey(trail runner extraordinaire) working on core strength and damaging fingers while doing some serious renovations at home. Though there has been the infrequent day when we’ve knocked off early to spend a couple of hours running in the hills. Better than coaching is a boss that can kick your arse on any terrain, and then gives you an invoice with far too many zeroes!


Back to Northburn, I’m still figuring out what gear I need, how many Pocket Fuels I’ll eat, and whether they’ll have fresh coffee at the TW aid station. I’ve got myself a new pair of TNF Hayasa‘s a whole size bigger to try to save my toenails on the long, long downhills and they are red so they’ll be fast while I am shuffling.  And thanks to The North Face for helping with the entry.

My taper period starts after I do an offroad half marathon in Rotorua on Sunday, I’m still undecided whether to take it easy and be nice to my legs, or race it properly. The latter is the most likely choice. Then it’ll be time to get my evenings back, spend some time with my beautiful wife and children and grab a paintbrush to paint the house and garage.

Now that I have turned this round to domestic chores I’d better sign off and start doing said chores.

An update on the 13 March:

I had a good run at the Rotorua Offroad Half with 8th place in 1.26.15, did the first lap far too fast then proceeded to suffer on the second lap until I got picked up at 17km by a chatty local .  Had a great conversation and started lifting the pace, so maybe I should run with Matt the Mouth for a while at Northburn!  Recovery was good afterwards muscle wise, but I’ve picked up an infection in my quad from a bush lawyer scratch I think.  It’s gone a bit nasty so here’s hoping I recover from it in time for next week.  I’ve started the antibots so here’s hoping I’m all sorted this time next week.  Had exactly the same build up to Waihi 60k so it’s a good omen.  At least it’s a pain in the leg this time, not a pain in the butt like the last one!

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Tikitapu Adventure Run 17km

The third year in a row I’ve run the Tikitapu Trail Run organised by Ra and the N-Duro team, and the third time it’s been a beautiful, chilly morning arriving at Blue Lake ready to race!  No sign of the big guns Chris Morrissey and Darren Ashmore from last year, but Mark ‘Cabin’ Leishman was there after his Xterra World Champs in Hawaii the previous weekend, as well as Colin Earwaker and the evergreen Graeme Pearson.

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Totalsport Kaimai Killer 60km

If I could design my perfect trail run, the only thing I would add to the Xterra Waihi 60k course would be hot pools at the finish! And maybe get the coffee van to stay open for a few more of the ultra runners finishing.

Dennis de Monchy at Waihi 60k finish

Wandering to the start line in the dark after a quick sprint to retrieve my forgotten number, I was looking forward to a couple of hours of running by torch light through the technical, narrow trails that cover the Kaimais. I knew this was one of my strengths and aimed to make Grant Guise and Kristian Day work hard through to Franklin rd at 9k knowing that they probably had better leg speed when we’d hit the flat and fast tram tracks.

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With new photo’s still appearing every now and then on facebook, I thought now was the time to reflect on the North Face 100k in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

The seed was sown to do this race, especially after Grant’s race report from last year, and seeing the stunning photo’s.  But with biology running it’s course I discovered that we’d planned our second child to arrive just 2 weeks after the race date!  Cutting it fine even by my standards… Continue reading

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